Innovation Center of the Department of Textile Engineering

 | Post date: 2021/08/3 | 
Innovation Center of the Department of Textile Engineering
The Specialized Innovation Center of the department of textile engineering, which is one of the five primary centers established at Amirkabir University of Technology, initiated its activities in November 2019 with the presence of Dr. Sattari, Vice President for Science, with an area of about 200 square meters on the eighth floor of the department of textile engineering. The center welcomes innovative ideas from enthusiasts. It strives to cultivate them and accelerates and facilitates their commercialization process.
The goals of the innovation center are to acquaint students and professors with entrepreneurship issues and to promote it in various fields to support, strengthen and promote entrepreneurial culture and ethics in the university. Utilizing capacity and creativity of students and researchers in a vibrant environment to train successful technologists is another goal of ours.
Our goals are:
  • Launching the right system to identify special ideas
  • Establishing proper communication for innovators with commercialization steps
  • Development of new technologies in the specialized field
  • Increase the share of departments and campuses in innovating technology
  • Institutionalizing extracurricular activities of students' scientific, research and entrepreneurship programs
  • Attracting students and benefiting from their participation in promoting the entrepreneurial atmosphere of the university
  • Utilizing the scientific potential of students to link the university with different industrial sectors and the country’s labor market
  • Creating a place for creativity to respond to the needs of the market and industry
  • Creating a platform for technology transfer from academia to industry
  • Stimulating creativity and entrepreneurship skills of students
  • Increasing students’ participation and competitiveness in group activities
  • Strengthen students' working relationship with professors
  • Creating a suitable space to receive opinions and market needs, analyze them, and obtain solutions
The facilities we provide:
  • Shared workspace
  • Consultation services
  • Use of the educational and laboratory services of the university
  • Communication with venture capitalists
  • A desktop for the team
  • High speed internet and educational services
  • Events for introduction to entrepreneurial networks
  • Help the teams with their other needs
  • Communication platforms with relevant industries
  • Conference rooms
Support services:
  • Introducing to related laboratories and workshops in the university to benefit from their discounted services
  • Using mechanics and electrical workshops of AUT’s Technology Tower
  • Using the services of the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of AUT’s Technology Tower to accelerate commercialization
  • Free educational and consultation services
Financial support:
  • Project sponsorship: this sponsorship will continue until a successful product is made.
  • Support and assistance in getting loans from related agencies in the country
Training and consulting services:
  • Connect technology innovators to specialists and university faculty members
  • Increase business productivity
  • Free educational and consultation services
  • Using the services of the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of AUT’s Technology Tower to accelerate commercialization
Submission Process:
Register the project and group members information by connecting to the university vpn in the system with the following address. Designs registered are evaluated. If the plan is accepted by judges, the group members will be contacted, and additional information will be provided to them.
For more info you can follow us on Telegram at ICTextile, or Instagram at ic.textile
Finding a Team:
AUT students or graduates with ideas can be stationed at the Innovation Center by submitting a plan and forming their own group. Admission for students to work with established groups are done according to the needs of the group and the consent of its members.
Working with Us:
Other interested students who do not have a plan can also apply to cooperate with the mentioned group if the group needs a teammate in the center's information channels.
In addition to submitting the plan, active and talented students can work with the center as a staff member or a supporting staff.
To work and cooperate with staff members, the approval of the center’s management is required.