Polymer Chemistry Laboratory

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Polymer Chemistry Laboratory

In this laboratory students learn the fundamentals of polymer structure and polymer synthesis. In polymer chemistry laboratory synthesis of different polymers are taught to undergraduate students of textile engineering. Students will learn different kinds of polymerization techniques such as: solution polymerization, suspension polymerization, bulk polymerization, emulsion polymerization, interface polymerization. Prior to this they will learn identification of common plastics and different ways to determine the molecular weight of polymers. Graduate and PhD students perform their research works in the field of polymer synthesis, nano particle and nanocomposite preparation in polymer chemistry laboratory.
  • Rotary viscometer
  • Viscometer Thermostat
  • Vacuum oven
  • Vacuum pomp
  • Polymerization reactor
Person in Charge
Name: Dr. Hajir Bahrami and Mrs. Moghadasian
Phone: +98(21)64542680
E-mail: hajirbaut.ac.ir