Optical Microscope Laboratory

 | Post date: 2021/07/31 | 
Optical Microscope Laboratory

In this laboratory it is possible to measure the optical properties of fibers and films. Optical properties include, refractive indices, birefringence and fiber or film morphology. Gadgets are available to be arranged for different types of testing and measurements. It is an appropriate place for the graduate students to assemble their own equipment for their research works. Also, one semester per year the laboratory is used for teaching a graduate  course.
  • Abbe Refractometer
  • Biological Microscope and Stereomicroscope
  • Polarizing Microscope and Interference Microscope
  • Projection Microscope
  • All microscopic studies can be shared through Internet
Head of Laboratory
Name: Dr. Mohammad Haghighat Kish
Phone: +98(21)64542668
E-mail: MHKishaut.ac.ir