Department overview

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Department overview

Nowadays textile industry is one of the most important industries of the world due to supporting one of the major human needs. The products and outputs of this industry are used not only as clothing, but also as carpets, rugs, industrial textiles, composite reinforcements, filtration, geotextiles, medical textiles, etc.
Textile industry is one of the oldest industries in Iran and is the second largest industry in the country after the oil industry in terms of employee number and factories.
Textile engineering includes the study of conversion processes of polymers into fibers, ‌ conversion of natural and synthetic fibers into yarns, yarns into fabrics, textiles, dyeing and finishing of fabrics according to its application, and finally the conversion of fabrics and textiles into clothing and other products for different purposes. Therefore, it is considered that this field of engineering is widely used in various fields. The purpose of the Department of Textile Engineering of Amirkabir University of Technology is to train graduates in three levels of bachelor, master’s and doctorate to be efficient and excellent in industry and research in the country.
Bachelor students, in addition to acquiring engineering knowledge, become familiar with the necessary skills in the analysis of technical, engineering and textile production issues, and learn the way of scientific communication with other engineers in various sciences. Due to the abilities acquired in this degree, graduates in the textile industry and other related industries can easily take charge of the production line, manage, and supervise the production and management of the factory. Our graduates are also able to design a production unit.
Master’s students by learning the principles of scientific research, in addition to having the mentioned skills, will be able to easily lead the research and development departments of this industry. Doctoral students will be able to recognize the boundaries of human knowledge and the relative scope of Scientific work in a specific field of textile will be able to take effective steps in domestic and other scientific fields. 3 educational groups of this departments are: textile technology engineering, textile chemical and fiber science engineering, and clothing engineering and management.