Technical Textile

Master of Science Program

Textile Department offers programs leading to master degree in textile chemistry and textile technology. Students otherwise meeting the requirements of the requirements of the university with Bachelor of science degree in textiles, physical sciences and engineering, after passing written and oral entrance examination, will normally qualify for master degree. The minimum requirements for master degree is the satisfactory completion of 36 semester hours (credits) of advanced courses, including 12 semester hours devoted to a theses based on research conducted by the student. The plan of course work and research activities for master degree are designed to prepare the student for a carrier in research, development, management or other technical phases of textile and allied industries. The program of studies may be arranged to develop a broad background in textile chemistry or textile technology. The student may emphasizes area such as yarn processing, fiber processing, finishing and dying.

The master and Ph.D program in this department is relatively young. The numbers of graduated and admitted students in the master program in past few years are shown in the Appendix.




  • Advanced Fiber Physics                                                                    3 credits
  • Statistics and Research Methods                                                     4 credits
  • Fiber Technology                                                                                3 credits
  • Computer Programming in Research and Design.                        2 credits
  • Mechanics & Dynamics of Filament Yarn Conversions                  3 credits
  • Geometry of Knitted Fabrics & and Dynamic of Knitting                3 credits
  • Advanced Mathematic                                                                       3 credits
  • Finite Element Analysis                                                                      3 credits
  • Advanced Weaving                                                                            3 credits
  • Structural Mechanics of Yarns.                                                          3 credits
  • Structural Mechanics of Fabrics                                                        3 credits
  • Management and Production Control                                               3 credits
  • Design of Mechanisms                                                                      3 credits
  • Special subjects In Textile Technology 1                                          2 credits
  • Special subjects In Textile Technology 2                                          3 credits
  • Project                                                                                                12 credits
  • Seminar                                                                                               2 credits


The students are required to take Fiber Physics, Statistics and Research Methods, Fiber Technology, Computer Programming in Research and Design, Seminar, and Project in addition addition to three or four selective course from above list to make at least 36 credits.